Do Pick Up Lines Work?

Do pick up lines work?

One of the main myths behind dating is that saying some great pick up lines will draw the attention of a woman. But as you can imagine, not all pick up lines work. It all comes down to how you prepare those lines, the way you deliver them and what you do after you say them. Even if the pick up line is cheesy, it might work if you know how to talk with that girl.

However, your behavior is more important than the pick up line. If you approach a girl with confidence and you know how to talk with her, then the pick up line will be just an introduction. Even if you fail to deliver it correctly, she will still give you a chance most of the time. You just need to understand that sometimes these lines can work, but the way you deliver them is as important as the line itself.

How to create a good pick up line?

The main focus here is that you need intrigue at first. A woman has to be intrigued by your idea and proposition. If you can’t land the idea of intrigue, then that means your pick up line will most likely fail. Which is a shame, because it might be a good one. But if the way you choose to deliver this is not working, then trying something else is definitely something that you should consider. Also, the pick up lines need to initiate a conversation. That’s what they are, a conversation starter. They shouldn’t be used as a compliment and then wait for the woman to do something. A good pick up line is introducing you to that woman, but you have to do the rest.

Coming up with pick up lines

You want the pick up lines to be great, and that means bringing in the best context if possible. The idea here is that you really want to make the lines comfortable and also natural for you. You must have a real interest in her response. Of course, you have to be genuine and you really need to think about the way she will understand your ideas and interact with them. You shouldn’t take rejection as something bad, instead it’s something that will happen and it always appears in the world of dating.

However, what you want to avoid is forcing a conversation when it doesn’t really feel natural. You also want to avoid commenting on looks or disturbing women that are wearing headphones. Stuff like that shows that you don’t respect the person, and they will just go away from you.

So, do pick up lines work? Yes and no, it all comes down to the delivery more than the pick up line itself. If you know how to talk with women and you are willing to use a great approach, then this has the potential to work really well. But it’s all a matter of being friendly and knowing how to initiate a great conversation. If you’re creepy and just use pick up lines for fun, then they will obviously not work. If you commit to using the pick up lines as a conversation starter, results can be great!

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