How To Find A Good Woman


Have you noticed that some guys have absolutely no problem finding the right woman? While most men have a hard time finding a good woman. Men who have a hard time finding a woman may feel it's because of his looks, height, financial status, or something else. A good woman may not care about those things, but how do you find a good woman? You must note that the word; 'good' is relative. What you see as good might be bad for someone else. So you must first define what good is to you and know precisely what you're looking for.

Finding A Good Woman Is Hard

Whenever I hear a man say this, I ask him about the activities he is involved in and the type of conversations he has with a woman. Your intention and behavior when you talk to a woman, says a lot about you. Finding a good man is hard as well, so continue to read this article and get more information that will help you find a good woman. Communication is vital, and that's what we lack these days. In our world today, people do not value face to face conversations. When we go out on dates, we ignore the people around us and become so focused on our phones. It is critical that when you find a woman, you have the right conversations with her. Learn how to spend time with a lady, without acting coy or paying more attention to your phone. Talking and getting to know each other will help you get to know the type of woman she is.

Also, the way you think affects what you get. If you continue to believe that there is no good woman out there for you, then you will keep attracting the wrong ones. Switch your thoughts to positive ones, and you will definitely find the right woman.

How to Find a Good Woman?


You must first understand that before you find the right woman, you must first be prepared to be a good man. If you want to find something good, start by practicing what is good. Are you the type of man who believes that a good woman is a woman who doesn't club, but you spend almost every week at the clubhouse, how then will you find a good woman? If to you, good women don't club and don't smoke, then you have to consciously practice being in places where you can find your 'good.' If not, you'll keep finding the opposite of what you want. Just as you want a good woman, she wants a good man as well. So, become what you want to get what you want.


The best way to find what you want is to know what you want and go for it. This will help you in finding the good woman you desire. You can't be in search of a woman for a long term involvement, and you love hanging out with women who don't give a dime about having anything to do with your future. Know if all you want is a woman to have a good time with or a woman to build the future with.


Be deliberate with your dates. Don't go leading her on in your first date; if not, she will assume all you want is good sex, she'll give it to you and off she goes. Try to find out who she is. Ask intelligent questions that will help you know her better. If at all you should get down with her on the first night, you could try to have other dates with her to know more about her. Don't always confuse instant gratification with love and then come clamoring that there are no good women. Define what you want and go for it. This will go a long way in helping you find a good woman.


Once you have defined what good means to you, give room for networking. Go out, socialize, connect, and network with people. You can't isolate yourself from people and still keep lamenting that good women are hard to find. If your ideal good women are independent, know for sure that they won't be sitting down in their houses waiting for you to come. You will find them at events anchoring programs, attending business and academic workshops, working in some organizations as a manager, CEO, etc.

If she is an outgoing type, you'll find her at birthday parties of friends, family, and colleagues, wedding ceremony, reunion with old friends and school mates, church, mosque, new year festivals, traditional festivals, etc. To find her, you'll have to go out there, connect with people. Sometimes, you can meet good women through such a connection. Funny as it may look, you can find a good woman through referrals from friends. Do you want a good woman? Go out there and find her, network, and connect with people who know good women. Don't just sit down at home, watching football matches, drinking, and expecting good women to fall like manna. You just need to go and find her.


Men are always attracted to beautiful ladies. They are always proud of their women being exceptionally gorgeous. A man loves seeing his lady gorgeously dressed in a sexy gown with a curvaceous body or on hot mini skirt making other men twist their neck in admiration. As much as physical beauty is important, it's also necessary to note that being a good woman goes beyond body makeup. Being gorgeous doesn't guarantee that she's a good woman. Well, again, this depends on what being good means to you. In an Interview, men who lament that good women are hard to find were asked one question; "what makes a woman good to you?" More than 90% of them categorically stated that a smart woman who can communicate and understand them is the kind of woman they yawn for and admire. But they are usually attracted to beauty first. The truth about smart women being good can't be overemphasized. If truly you are in search of a good woman, look beyond the physical beauty, and find the smart and intelligent women who can understand and relate with you. Look out for a woman who constantly builds and develops herself. When you go after beauty alone (her physique) and ignore this important aspect, when you take her in as your lady, you will discover that you have found a painted sepulcher.


If you are unfortunate to meet a desperate lady or a pretender, she'll fake everything to please you. A woman who wants you, by all means, will go the extra mile to make you hers. Do not be blinded by her excess love for you; she might be really good in bed; she may be the best and have everything you ever desire and seek for in a woman. The best way to know who a woman truly is by observing how she treats others around her. How she treats her superiors, parents, colleagues, and friends is how she will treat you as soon as she becomes familiar with you. Take note of this, lest you become blinded by love.

Are you in search of a good woman? Search for that woman who respects, regards, and treats people around her right. That's a good woman.


Most men haven't found a good woman because they don't understand women. Can you know a good car when you don't know anything about cars? Sounds funny using such illustration, right? But that's exactly how funny it is, seeing a man lament about the scarcity of good women when he practically knows nothing about women. Women are not as complicated as men think they are — only men who have mastered 'The School of Women' know this. There are men who have studied and understood who women are, how they react, and what they think. This kind of man laughs when he hears people clamor about finding good women. This is because he plays their game so well that good women can't just take their eyes off him. The irony of this is that the majority of these men who have studied and can read women like their palms are mostly playboys. They so much attract good women to themselves that the 'responsible guys' keep wondering if these guys hypnotize good women that these good women can't see how irresponsible they are. Playboys don't hypnotize good women; they have only spent almost all their days on earth studying women. So, they have the tricks to get any woman they want that the 'responsible guys' don't have.

If you know nothing about women, you will definitely not know when a good woman comes your way, and even when you're able to identify her, you may not know how to keep her. Have you ever wondered why good girls are attracted to playboys? The painful truth is that most of these women know that these guys are players but stay just because of the feeling they get being around a guy who understands and treats her like a queen.


You don't find a good woman; you discover a good woman. She's around you. While on the quest to 'find' a good woman, we often forget the good women who are already there for us. Rather than focus on 'finding,' how about you turn around to 'discover' the good women around you? The process of 'finding/searching' can often be overwhelming because we are so focused on the finding process.

Discover these women already in your life who love you, reciprocate the love, and you'll be amazed at how happy your relationship will be.

Most times we don't see the good women around us, we become very obsessed in finding new ones than in discovering the good ones around. We complicate issues for ourselves by thinking there are no good women when we have refused to see the good women, who believe in you, add value to your life, and are always willing to support you. If you have such women around you, love and cherish them, and your search for a good woman will come to an end.

Where to find a good woman.

· Coffee shops: If you are into ladies who own their own business or are going to school, a coffee shop is the best place to meet such women. Saying hello, or smiling at them can help you start a conversation.

· Dating Apps: Internet dating is one easiest way to getting a date these days. One sure way to find your good woman is by looking at her bio and photos. A lady who posts healthy activities should be one you go after.

· Through Friends: Finding a good woman through friends is possible. If you keep a good company, then they should be able to introduce you, good ladies.

· Activities and community: Independent and ambitious women get involved in non-profit and community events. They love giving back to the community. This is the type of ladies you should meet, especially if you share the same interest. Get involved in helping the community and find yourself a good woman.

· Grocery Store: This may seem awkward, but talking to a woman while shopping for food together is not a bad idea. A confident man will definitely walk up to a woman he likes and start a conversation.

· Weddings and Holiday Parties: Everyone loves these times because everyone is happy. You can easily approach anyone, talk, dance, have fun, and just live. This is a great way to start a potential relationship with the woman you like.

Finding a good woman is not impossible. It is important that you first focus on yourself and intentions when it comes to finding a great woman. Look into why you may not be attracting the right lady and work on yourself. Once you do that, you will be able to attract your good woman. Get to know her, ask deep and meaningful questions early on. Do not ignore any bad behavior from her; if her lifestyle is something you do not agree on, give her a chance to change; if not, it is important to move on. Know your strengths and improve your weakness; the right woman will find you.

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